#11 Willie and Heide Morris

This week Corey and Alex sit down with another husband and wife team; Willie and Heide Morris. 

Willie is a vlogger, business owner, entrepreneur, adventure traveler and friend to Husband and Wife Talk.

Heide is a blogger, model, traveler, student, Willie's other half and a friend to Husband and Wife Talk

We had a blast sitting down with the power couple to chat about how they began working for themselves, how they juggle work, their relationship and have time for themselves. We laughed, talked business, relationship, shared embarrassing moments and played the newlywed game. Not one to be missed!

Want to see more of Willie?


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcXRUdsR3bOqUdxcmrxAHrg

Want to see more of Heide?

Instagram: @heidelindgren

Blog:  https://www.spaceforanything.com/

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- The H&WT Team