Dancing Ginger is a food, fitness and lifestyle brand. Here you can find some of my favorite recipes, simple and effective workouts along with lifestyle tips you’ll love. Think of Dancing Ginger as a one stop shop for health and wellness. 

Dancing Ginger Phyilosphy

First let me say, you will only see things are honest and true to what I believe.

Which is:

  • Food is medicine. How often do you hear “too many vegetables is bad for you”?

  • Diet is not a way of eating for a short period of time. Diet means it is the food you eat 100% of the time.

  • There is not one size fits all when it comes to food. Spend time figuring out what your body's ideal diet is. It takes some dedication and a bit of trial and error.

  • Everyone should have a plant forward approach to food.

  • We should all be working out to feel good, be healthy and make our bodies strong!

  • Weight training AND mobility/flexibility should be treated equally.

  • Love your body for what is does for you NOT for what it looks like. 

Overall, everyone needs to be educated. Know what you are putting into your system. Know how it affects your body and daily living. I encourage everyone to take the time experimenting to find out what is right for YOU.  

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new food, fine a  love for fitness and or brings you a smile!

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The Face Behind Dancing Ginger

I am passionate about food, cooking, fitness and overall wellbeing. I love sharing my knowledge and helping people become the healthiest version of themselves.

10 fun facts about me, Alexandra Sheppard

  1. I have a croissant tattoo on my wrist.
  2. My husband (Corey) met me when I was one day old.
  3. French Fries are my kryptonite.
  4. I started dancing when I was 18 years old.
  5. I have two cats; Jude and Franklin.
  6. I will put mustard on most things (even popcorn.)
  7. In my next life I hope to be a mermaid.
  8. I love everything Beatles, except cover songs.
  9. I grew up in San Diego California and no I don't surf
  10. I love watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette 

Throughout my journey, many people have said to me, “I want to be as healthy as you,"  “I wish I could have you as my personal trainer," "You should write a cookbook so I can have all your recipes" or "Teach me everything you know!" This website is my way of doing just that!


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