#12 Alex and The Power of Manifesting

This week Corey sat down to interview Alex. They laughed, Alex almost cried and Corey asked some great questions to help you know Alex a bit more. Alex gave her morning routine tips, what supplements she is taking, what kitchen tools she loves. Plus find out who her celebrity crush is. It's not Jake Gyllenhaal.

Alex has been manifesting some things in her life and she opens up about what her fears are. She speaks of the power of manifesting and how you can do the same! 

Links to things we talked about:

  • Alex's Wednesday Wisdom tip is how she is putting Fré Skin Care on her arms to help with those pesky dry red pumps on the back of her arm. Get 15% off Fré with her code GINGER. Shop here
  • Alex's health coach Robyn Youkilis
  • All of the products mentioned you can find on Alex's Amazon store 
  • Gabby Bernstein  books



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- The H&WT Team