#49 SUGAR with Lorraine Kearney

This week we are talking about SUGAR with Lorraine Kearney. Alex finished her no sugar month and Corey experimented and cut out a lot of sugar in support. We sat down with the no sugar queen to talk about why you might need to detox and how to cut out sugar.

Lorraine Kearney holds a BASc and a NDTR. She is an Adjunct Professor at the City University of New York, Cornell University guest speaker and Sugar Detox Expert. Her background is in dietetics, food science and psychology. Lorraine graduated from CUNY, accredited by the Commission of Dietetics. She has her own practice in Manhattan and offers many different services and nutritional plans.


Lorraine Kearney

Website: https://www.lorrainekearneynutrition.com/

Lorraine’s sugar detox programs: https://www.lorrainekearneynutrition.com/lknsugardetox


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