#38 Recap of a Fight/How We Communicate to Each Other

Our first episode of Season 2!!! Thank you all for listening, if you are new to Husband and Wife Talk we have lots of great episodes for you to listen to. We have a fun season planned and we are excited to share it with you all!

We are starting season 2 with off with a BANG! We recap a “fight” or conflict we had on New Year’s Eve. We reflect on our conversation, how we communicated to each other and how we avoid big blow out fights. We get REALLY honest and open with each other; enjoy!

We also shared some of our tips when we are long distance for those who are in a long distance relationship or who are in a relationship where one partner travels a lot.

We love hearing from you, if you have any funny or embarrassing stories send them our way. We will keep it anonymous. We are also starting an “ask us anything/Dear Abby” segment so if you have any questions we can try and help you with your problems. Shoot us a message on Instagram or email Alex info@dancingginger.com.

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