#33 Ryan Brown and Julie Steelman PT 1

This week on the podcast we were joined by our couple doppelgänger; Ryan Brown and Julie Steelman!

Ryan works as a copywriter for EP and Co by day and is a stand up comedian by night. Ryan performs all over New York City and has a monthly show at SideWalk cafe called School Nite Comedy Hour.

Julie is the Manager of Internal Communications @ Sprinklr by day and is a soprano and membership manager of The Young New Yorkers Chorus.

Not only do they look like us but they have been together for years and did long distance. We talked about relationships, art, comedy, New York and so much more! We had a blast talking to them they we needed to make it 2 podcasts! Enjoy part 1 and stay tuned for part 2 next week!


Husband and Wife Talk

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- The H&WT Team