#32 The Guiding Elements

This week we have Erica Beaty and Tatiana Beatriz, the co creators of The Guiding Elements. We chat about their latest project, an Ayurvedic oracle deck to help individuals connect with themselves and the practices of Ayurveda. They share the pros and cons to starting a business, the hardest part and what they have learned so far into their journey.

The Guiding Elements is a creative collaboration founded by Erica Carin and Tatiana Beatriz. These two women found each other while studying Ayurveda in Nevada City, CA; each sharing a similar call to explore ancient self healing practices. They instantly bonded on the overflow of creative ideas they shared.

*NOTE their kickstarter campaign will be ready in a few months. Follow them and stay tuned to find out how you can donate and get a deck for yourself!


The Guiding Elements



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